About us

Ezeal Evolutions is an out of the box start up that addresses the vision of transforming educational market by helping the aspirants to make right decision for shaping their career and realizing the sense of purpose in life.The company is founded by like minded highly qualified professionals who are obsessed to share their knowledge, expertise and help one and all, thus be useful to not only to the students but also entire educational landscape.

Ezeal means ‘high’ and encompasses our vision to establish Ezeal Evolutions at the highest level of educational and client satisfaction, meeting global requirements and standards.

Our services  are individual centric and are designed keeping in mind the latest practices of the industry, industry expectations, real world experience and knowledge creation for empowering society to achieve sense of purpose in life. 


Apart from training and preparing the candidates any other special need or focus area will be addressed to enable the candidate to walk out with full confidence.

Apart from industry acclaimed international certifications, we also train on job oriented programs. We offer comprehensive training programs that can be tailored to meet the special needs of specific target groups as well. We offer both public courses as well as in house training programs. An in house approach cuts costs and allows employers to train entire teams at once. We offer flexibility in scheduling daytime, evening and weekend courses are scheduled as needed.

As an example when a student is looking for some internship he is faced with many decision dilemmas. While searching for a suitable internship you may come across some hurdles and limitations. Especially if you do not have any contacts in the host country or industry of your choice. 

Value Mantra


       Building Self Identity(Brand Building)

Leadership Skills
Positive Attitude
Influencing Ability
Team Building
Negotiating Skills

What Set Us Apart

Suggesting the best suitable course to the candidates based on the education, previous experience and competences.

We understand that sound foundation is the base of successful career; hence we make sure that the trainers are all professionals & subject matter experts.

The technology is changing with every passing day, in order to provide the right kind of recourse to the organization; we update the curriculum on regular basis.

Our training quality has created the brand name in the market which helps our candidates with right kind of career opportunities.

We understand that the shift from student to professional environment is a huge transition hence we make sure that we train our candidates face the same with confidence.

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