How the advent of Tech-Tools is altering the pedagogy for Teachers?

“74 percent of educator’s surveyed said technology is the key to helping them expand on classroom content; the same percentage said technology is a motivational tool; and 73 percent said it helps teachers respond to different learning styles. Moreover, 69 percent said technology has helped do more than ever before for their students.”

A New Pedagogy Is Emerging... and Online Learning Is a Key Contributing  Factor

 Technology is emerging as a preferable possibility for elevating the concept of anti-oppressive education that is “multiple approaches to learning that challenge forms of oppression”. It is a point to be acknowledged that students these days are already on a familiar level with the changes that technology beholds for them. They have adapted to the new trends of automated world which creates a feasible opportunity to integrate various forms of technology in the classroom setting. But if we consider the minimal exposure of technology from the viewpoint of teachers then the situation gives rise to the concept of tech literacy.

Technological Literacy- Educating the educators

ITEA- International Technology Education Association illustrates technological literacy as the ability to “use, manage, assess, and understand technology”. Ceaseless innovations penetrating the education sector creates an increasing demand on teachers upon whom important decision lies as to when, where and how to use technology in classroom. It is imperative to impart these educators hands-on training in using classroom technology. A mere knowledge of how to counteract technical challenges is not enough, benefit lies in raising awareness amongst the teachers that how technology transforms relations, identities and complex power structures.

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