CSR Initiative

Grow Vision 2020

You Step In

Institution provides the space to plant . Encourage student’s take the initiative to make the arrangements to plant saplings.

Communicate your corporate social responsibility

Never loose the opportunity to be part of the “Grow Vision 2020”  movement.

We Plant....

We plant the bamboo saplings with the student’s in your institution . You can choose where we plant and help to create sustainable livelihoods in and around your institution which creates the same for our brothers and sisters around the world.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a crucial part of our company.We create the initiative and awareness , you join the initiative and spread the awareness. Getting your students and staff involved in  CSR initiatives will make a lasting impression on your institution and campus brand ambassadors.


How it Works?

Make an Impact

Communicate our corporate social responsibility campaign to encourage others to follow your lead. Use certificates and badges on your website to amplify the positive impact you’ve created to plant more forests for Earth.

How much Impact!

Decide how much impact you want to make. How many trees do you want to plant in your institution? How many people do you want to connect with and encourage to grow their own trees? How many lives do you want to improve?

Create Visionary Nation

We’ll do all the work for you to get the saplings and online campaign. You can choose the space where WE( You & Us) plant the saplings. We’ll even oraganise your students to get the impact created.

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