webinars from ezeal

Planning your next webinar? Here are some quick bites

📺 Think of PrimeTime & TRP like a Broadcast Producer. Avoid clashes with competitor’s webinars, government press release, TV schedule or workshops by celebrity experts. Netflix, Disney, Coursera, PubG, everyone is after consumer’s 📅 & 🕓

🎬 Open with unexpected. Think like an adman

🎭 Use emotions like fear, anger, loss aversion, peer pressure, social rewards, status quo & strength your CTA

👀 Tell visual stories. Convey ideas with near life & sensory examples to create memory

🌐 Be where people are searching. List on Eventshigh, Eventsbrite, facebook events, etc.

📧 Send a 📅 invite & reminders 3 or 4 times before hand @ regular intervals. How do you plan to follow up?

💪 It’s not about you. It’s about the person on the other screen. What are you adding to his/her life?

🎁 Incentivize behaviors related to your brand or topic, not just actions. 🎊 What suprise can you pack?

How can we create unique virtual moments with our audience? What are the vital elements for online discussions?

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