Webinar Registration...!


1.No need of downloading any app, just click the link below and enter your name to join the webinar.

2.Webinar works best in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

3.Use headset and allow access to microphone , you will have a echo test taken through. Once you can hear your voice click thumbs up and you are in for the webinar.

4.Enable camera option if you require switching on the camera.

5.On entering the room , you can unmute yourself to commincate with the members of the webinar until it is required .

6.Maintain the decorum of the meeting.

Join “Enjoying Maps” ,Webinar at 05.00PM IST today @



Live Session on https://youtu.be/gvb_UCidW1w

Join Telegram https://zcu.io/J21i for updates on the webinars and topic discussion .

Team Ezeal

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